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6 tipes to choose a good exhibition

     Nowaday, there are too many exhibitions in China. How to find a good and suitable exhibiton for yourself ? Don't worry, we have six methods to choose a good exhibition. 
1.You must make sure whether the exhibition organizer offer insurances, safety training. Exhibition organizers must compliance with government regulation, they must puchase insurances for exhibitors, and arrange safety training.  
2.The rental deadline.
3.Wheter offers exhibition booth designs and size. A good exhibition organizer will offer exhibition booth designs service whether exhibitors buy that service or not, even standard exhibition booth. They also offer the exhibition booth size to exhibitors , inorder to let them arrange their exhibition well. 
4.Wether offers venue rental. If you think that good exhibition organizers will provide venue rental?  Conversely, they won't. Because their businesses are very good, they didn't have enough venue for rental.
5.Wether has service personnel. For example, receptionist, translator and consultant. This staffing seems to be simple, but that's their's competitive advantages.
6. Generially, exhibition company offer exhibition booth design, exhibition booth installation, exhibiton booth decoration, transportation and clean service. If the company good engouh, it also has photo and custom clearance services.


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