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How to improve promotion effect in foreign exhibition

1. We should join a same exhibtiion at least 2 years. If you just join an exhibtion one time, the promotion effect not good. that' s why many china exhibitors think that the promotion effect of foreign exhibitions is not good. In truth, it's very hard to have a good effect at first time, you should join more times to let customers know more about your company.
2. Choose a good exhibition. Not all foreign exhibitions are good, there are also bad exhibitions oversea. Therefore, we need to collect infos about oversea exhibitions by ourself, such as, from internet, all your friends had ever joined foreign exhibition.
3. Sales must maintain customer relationship.  We will get many customer's contractions, we following up with then.
4. Exhibition booth design should be corresponded with foreigners' appreciation of beauty. As you know, our culture is very different from foreigners.
5. Go native! We must respect foreigner's culture, such as, the Muslim conventions, woman must use cloth to cover their hairs. And you had better know some simple local lanuages, it will make customrs feel close.
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