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Buy a new exhibiiton booth or rent one?

      Many exhibitors always confuse wether buy or rent a exhibition booth. We have 10 years experiences of exhibition booth producing, let us disscust about that.
Rent one advantages: The first payment is lower. It's a third to a quarter cost of buy a new one.
Rent one disadvantages: It' can't recycle, just could use one time. And the quality is not guaranteed. The design is not really suitable your company image, and the display equipments inside also not suitable.
Buy one advantages: The exhibition company will design an 100% suitable exhibition booth for your company image and products. It' can recycle and reduce totaly cost.
Buy one disadvantages: The first payment is high, and exhibitors need offer storage and transport by themself.
If you want to make a good brand image, buy a new exhibiiton booth is more better. It will make a good image from your customer and make your products more attractive. Then, rent one could save more money. There is not which solution is better, just as your requirement.
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