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How to maintain an aluminum exhibition booth?


If you know how to have a aluminum exhibition booth maintainance, it can save many money. The cost of bad maintainance could buy a new product. There are 5-10% attrition when you use aluminum exhibition booth in each time. We offers 4 tips to reduce attrition rate below:
1. Prevent scratches. You need to put all materials of exhibition booth back to the pacages inorder to prevent scratches in transit.
2. Rust Protection. Don't put your materails in the wet and high temperature place, this kind of place will rust aluminum materails. If you have a suitable place to storage your products, that's not engough. If you have enough money, you should buy some flight cases to storage your meterials.
3. Clean up the rust. Dont's use hard things to clean the materials, it will make more scratches. Generally, we use soft cloth to clean our exhibition materials. Some times, we use water or even ethyl alcohol to wash our aluminumn materails.
4. Prevent deformation. We need a strong packing and a good logistics company to keep our products not to be damaged. Installation personels also need a good professional training, they must handle our exhibition booth materials with care inorder to prevent damages.
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