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Visitors quality lead to exhibition quality

Recently, at the time of Canton fair pavilion yesterday of a questionnaire survey of exhibition companies, more than 60% of the respondents thought the exhibition a mark of success mainly professional quality and actual effect that visitors and mungo lifelong chairman Mr Montgomery Mary exhibition group said in an interview with the media's point of view without OARS, he said "making exhibition is key to the success of the quality of the professional visitors. Your brand and quality is proportional to the visitors. To maintain good relations with the exhibitors, you must ensure that the quality of the professional visitors c" so now showing organizer, often make investment promotion work as ZuZhan priority. 
Carefully constructed database 
About how to ensure the quality of the professional visitors' meerkats shall establish a database of professional visitors says Mr Marley full collection and the background of the professional visitors, 7 solution and then use the data to make scientific analysis of the quality of the visitors. More than 40 years, "he said," we store all the exhibition visitors data; Through the questionnaire survey. The exhibition registration or registration methods such as online 7 solutions for their duties, personality, age and purchase, and so on and so forth *, in fact, to a large extent influence also professional visitors came to our friends. The soil over the years, we found through analysis * visitors party 23% of the people in our database the exhibition to stick to us, and not to other industry exhibition. " 
In recently, the exhibition community party, the world's second largest lighting exhibition organizers in the exhibition company, general manager of Guangzhou semantic wave also to our reporter said that they owe their success is that attaches great importance to the professional visitors, elder insist on not PiDe excellent professional buyers of information collection, customer service work, and establish the seven large information database. 
Allegedly, the light and the database have three people in all the year round that are responsible for the manufacturers, professional buyers and visitors information input and send invitation. After seven years of unremitting efforts, it has now formed a large T lighting industry database; Including 20137 overseas buyers more than 60 countries, domestic buyers and professional visitors 8, 620 l, 7217 manufacturers at home and abroad:
Each year it have many years of experience in exhibition, sponsored by 18 trade fair Hong Kong trade development council, can effectively promote themselves about the exhibition, the main also benefited from its own huge database. Qi-liang zhou Hong Kong trade development council exhibition affairs director, said the TDC accumulated 7 a database that hold party 600000 trade enterprises, including Hong Kong] o m, 12 m in mainland China, overseas 38 m, every year there are about 2.4 million cases of trade matching. According to chow, coffee I - 2 m2 years, Hong Kong exhibition attracted buyers more than 270000, of which 130000 were from overseas for more than 40 countries and regions. 
In the same exhibition of China merchants 
Twice a year of Guangzhou international furniture fair is particularly successful in overseas investment. According to Chinese foreign trade more than Guangzhou exhibition company project manager position meaning said * furniture fair international v make investment focus on North America, southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East and other furniture export, the strongest areas of China: the exhibition, marketing is a kind of very effective means of organizing committee that has sent representatives to the overseas exhibition investment for many times, and a half years make cooperation with several world famous furniture exhibition, and set up Guangzhou exhibition investment promotion, these famous furniture with Milan, Italy, cologne, Germany, Paris, France, Spain, Valencia, Moscow, Russia, the united Arab emirates Dubai, the United States high, Tokyo, Seoul, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, wood, etc. Guangzhou international furniture fair become the first domestic multinational in the same type as the top 10 international furniture fair investment exhibition booths in the scene. 
Gu De music from the international furniture fair heart, was set in the counterparts of the domestic exhibition of China merchants international furniture fair held in Shanghai exhibition is set on China merchants won seven good effect.
Interact with the media network 
At TTF attending has become the trend of the development of the exhibition, fine strokes as a result of the market. The enterprises need more specific product market orientation and customer orientation, and need more clear trade at the fair access to the intention of the audience. The advantage of the media is difficult to replace. 
Guangzhou international furniture fair through good interaction with overseas media, do tracking report for furniture fair in Guangzhou, FaShi information, also make full use of the Internet is convenient and efficient characteristics, press release of timely delivery of the guangzhou fair. Show not only through the Internet information, email invitation, also set up the prestressing loss in online registration service, as long as buyers to fill out the registration form in advance and successfully sent to the exhibition company's web site, can be free to come to China before the exhibition by the exhibition company card sent to them. The humanized service for the exhibition has won numerous buyers.
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