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The purpose of exhibition

  There are more and more exhibition .The exhibitors and buyers are aware of the importance of the exhibition in the aspect of marketing and publicity. However, many exhibitors have enthusiasm, and how to participation, lack of the understanding of how to determine the exhibition purposes. They often spent lots of money, but it can not reach the desired effect.

 In fact, the exhibitors achieve expected effect. There is no shortcut. There are eight suggestions put forward in this paper to help the exhibitors.

1. Clear purpose.

Determining the exhibition purposes is the core of all work. It includes the selection of the exhibition theme, the booth arrangement and how are the exhibits put, and so on. Exhibitors must be clear. The purpose of both increasing sales and promoting your company, or peer exchanges, the emphasis of the work will be greatly different.

1. Clear purpose. 

The exhibitor's manual "is the job of the exhibitors in the exhibition guide and way to save money. Straightforward manual content, basic contained a session of exhibition of all information, including the exhibition schedule, the pavilion floor plan, registration procedures, exhibitor, and exhibition, transportation services, housing information, and advertising, sales promotion and so on. "Exhibitor manual" can guide the exhibitors the preparatory work methodically, not critical moment that some files don't prepare.


  Attaches great importance to the employees.

The exhibitors spend a lot of time, money and energy group on organizing exhibition work. It often furnish some printed catalogues in the distinctive booth, only temporary hired the booth team wearing beautiful clothes, only to be responsible for the delivery data and collecting business CARDS, and all employees to participate in the exhibition organization preparation that is ignored. In fact, these people are the special envoy; exhibitors should tell them in advance. The purpose of content and expectation is to allocate the proper work for them. Well trained and familiar with the details of the staff, it helps to build unity, professional image, and also improve power in the eyes of the audience to the company.

Attaches great importance to the demand of professional audience.

Exhibitor staff generally feels obligated to try to provide information for the audience, but ignore their real needs. The audiences often miss some important information because of the lack of questioning skills. If you want to avoid this problem, you will showcase (this article source: Chinese wine news, industry news of China's training and preparation work, is not only a general etiquette and company product knowledge training, also must be targeted to understand some important customer information, and competitor information.

 Good at gathering information. 

To achieve the goal, it is not enough to show themselves to the audience. The important one is to participate in organizing the exhibition who are willing to talk to strangers and understand their needs. It isn’t necessary to take a great opportunity for exhibitors, and understand the development of the industry, competitors' marketing tactics as well as the research focus. 

  Familiar with product demonstration technology.

Staff must master product presentation techniques. Exhibitors should communicate with all the staff before the opening, whether employees or temporary employment personnel, through to the audience will put them all as the representative of the company's image. These people are familiar with the booth layout and presentation, if we can know the time to market and the manufacturer's price would be even better. Foreign company attaches great importance to the training. It still has a kind of exhibition dedicated to training before 3 d software. The exhibitors can put on a layer of information input. If the horizon aren’t finished, the employees can know strata distribution and product display information through the computer simulation.

It can not be delayed for the follow-up work after exhibition

After the end of the exhibition, you often appear slack after a tough battle just want to rest, after the follow-up work is often ignored. This is the big fear of exhibition. Ignore after the follow-up work, it will only make previous efforts wasted. Exhibitors shall be established prior to the opening of the exhibition schedule, in order to follow up daily work, responsibility, and arrange for special personnel. Timely follow-up will make customers feel sincerity, also help the exhibitors know sign how many can perform during the exhibition.

Do a review of the exhibition.

Each is not identical. Each exhibition has advantages and disadvantages, so it forever has yet to be improved. After the end of the exhibition, the exhibitors assess the employees together. Assessment includes two aspects. One is a review of the exhibition. The analysis to show whether meets the requirements of the company that should continue to attend later, increasing investment, which should not give up. The second is a review of the exhibition. You do better in the aspects, to maintain in the future. The problem and shortcomings need to be improved, and so on.


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