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How to make the small small exhibition booth feeling larger inside

  Nowaday, in some big exhibtion court, there are some exhbitors were seperated into a display room, in addition of poor lighting, that make shell scheme booth design more difficult. It needs designer to solve disavantages, or the exhibit activity will fail. How to use absent limited resources to get a better exhibit effect? Firstly, designer 

Now in some large-scale exhibitions or venue, there are often some exhibitors to the smaller exhibition space, coupled with day lighting or insufficient lighting, and increased much difficulty for booth design. This would require the booth designer trying to change the adverse conditions and factors; otherwise it will lead to the failure of the whole presentation. How do you make use of the existing disadvantages and obtain good display effect? First of all, designers like architects, have space design, or organize and manage skills,or make the small booth "big". Specific can adopt the following measures:
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