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What does shell schemem exhibition booth need to show customers


Show your company bussiness scope clearly
Not everybody could just know your bussiness scope from your company name. Therefore, if your company is not famous, or your exhibits coluld not 
explain your company bussiness scope directly. So , you should make illustrated file to show your customers.
Show  profit 
Shell scheme stand should be displayed around against what they could solve customer's problems. Do not make long technical descriptions to cover 
what your products could bring to your customers. If your product is the fastest, the most static, the most stable, the cheapest, you must told your 
customers clearly. 
Ensure your texts are easy to read 
Make sure the audiences can see the text info with the same level of their sight or even above. The text with capital and small mixed letters is 
easily to be read than the only capital letters covered one. If you texts are too long, you should use short sentense, paragraph s, interval loose fonts. 
These kind of shell schemem exhibition booth elements are good for customers.
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