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4 rules of shell scheme booth design

Exhibition is by companies, many people go to exhibition for shell scheme booth design. A good shell scheme booth design could let people feeling fantastic in the exhibition room . Of course , to understand shell scheme booth design is difficul. Now, how we make a good design?

There is 4 rules you must consider when you are designing: 1. Completeness 2.Environment 3.Culture 4.Creativity. Then, how to design the shell scheme booth according these rules, it needs a carefully consideration. A good exhibition needs good shell scheme booth designs firstly, exhibition solution decides shell scheme booth styles and themes. So, we must know exhibitior's infos and what exhibitors want to show to their customers when we are designing. That will decide the exhibition theme and style.
Atfer confirmed the solution, the shell scheme booth style design was confirmed. If you want to make your style fassional, the shell scheme booth design needs some features of modern, new sense of information and technology. The completeness of exhibition is make all parts of shell scheme booth to get a uniform style and makes people feeling. The creativity of exhibition needs more ideas and be brave to carry out. The Environment of exhibition must pay attention to environmental protection and do not pollute the environment, to make entire shell scheme booth design is suitable for the customers in where the space what they stay at. The Culture is to show the style and taste of exhibitor when you are designing. To show different national and regional culture properly.
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