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Why need exhibition and shell scheme stand?

  1.Shell scheme stand could attract new customers: According to the research, there are 88% people who join in the exhibition were never recived any promotion by other exhibitors. 

  2.Good shell scheme stand could attract customers: According to the research, there are 70% vistors in exhibition will consider to buy one or more product, 3% to 4% will ensure to buy one or more products. 90% of 15 visitors think that it will infulence their decision in exhibition. Event if part of visitors just look around in the exhibition, but on everage, 84% of visitors considered exhibition could infulence their purchase descision, and 83% vistors have purchasing desire. Therefore, they paid for the tickets of exhibition is really want to buy what they needed.

  3. Saving purchasing time: Exhibiiton will save sales time , reduce 40% returning rate. If really close the deal, there must be have a 3.8 times of visitiong customers in traditional sales mode. But there are just 1.4 times will close the deal, and there are 49% didn't need visiting.

  4. Saving cost

We could communicat our customers face-to-face in exhibition, this kind of communication will save 30% cost. Compare with the cost of traditional sales mode and exhibition sales mode, the first mode cost is 303 dollar, this is including sales men's salaries, transpotation and entertainment expenses, the second mode is 220 dollar, it is inculding shell scheme stand building, exhibition products transpotation and travel expenses. Exhibition mode sales saved 57% budget than traditional one.

  Above all, although there are some cost of shell scheme stand design, but it's save many cost of other aspects, and increase company's bussiness success rate, also building a good brand image. Therefore, many companies choosed to join exhibiton, found a godd exhibtion company, make a good shell scheme stand solution. This will improe sales performance.



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