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Shell scheme stand decoration and application of exhibition equipment

Choosing materials and use materials is an important part of shell scheme stand design. There are many kinds of shell scheme stand, some design needs positivity, some needs outstanding enviroment protections, some needs arts, some needs outstanding cultures and public benifits. So, there is a challenge of shell scheme booth theme display of choosing matirials. Speaking of this part, the exhibition company is more proesssional than the exhibitor.  Nowadays, modern sicence and technology are developing raiply, new materails, illuminant and mediea come out, exhibition company could give exhibitor guidances of shell scheme stand design, as well as offer better solutions, that will save many cost of joining exhibition. 
       Nowadays, the products of china always wins the international markets with low price. Therefore, Chinese products always give international customers a really bad impression.  Most of factories always pay attention on shell scheme stand designs and decorations, seldom focus on shell scheme stand's ornaments.  That also influence product image of their own. Many exhibitor still keep using a very tradition design in large exhibition , their shell scheme stand  didn't have any change for many years. According to the statistics, there are less than half customers will stay at the exhibition hall more than 8 hours in  large exhibition. But many foreign exhibitors could attract their customers in a short time, and make a good impress. Except they offer good qulity products,  their innovative shell scheme stand design and decoration is the most important part of it.
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