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How to improve exhibition services

  In today's society increasingly fierce business competition, business features evolved into enterprise exaggerated effect, and be one of important 

means to obtain economic benefits. In recent years ,in all large and medium-sized cities of our country the exhibition organizers developed rapidly, pushing 
the progress of the society. 
The exhibition design is a comprehensive art design with multiple disciplines, both in terms of environment, color display, emotion, or environmental 
protection, it have a certain artistic quality, which are not classified as independent areas, because it has a strong comprehensiveness. Making the artistry 
of the exhibition services become extreme, you should study from multiple aspects.
1. Unique. In the process of design you can make use of some special meet to represent his unique style. For example, in some ethnic characteristics 
of symbol and color, it is used to design an ethnic flavor of traditional beauty, on the whole space it is contained in the traditional ethnic flavor, in 
conjunction with traditional furniture, which can attract audience who pursue national culture.
According to today's young people pursuit vogue, they prefer a concise, easy and fashion flavor, so merchants can use some simple geometric shapes, 
with pure color and shape a kind of modern style that will soon attract young people's attention. So when in the booth design, it must be suitable for the 
characteristics of their own goods with the independent style, so as to create a distinctive booths.
2, attract eyes. There is data show that in the competitive, multiple exhibition environment, and visitors at first glance is crucial because it 
decides whether booth can attract visitors, and arouse their interest. It determines whether it will continue or not. Booth design needs to make the person 
produce interest. First, Booth design is to attract visitors’ attention and interest; Second, it need to attract the audience into the booth and watch 
carefully. The design work should pay attention to artistic place and make implement.
3, Create a unified visual image to achieve the propaganda purpose of this enterprise. Every enterprise has its own characteristics and distinctive 
mark. In the exhibition, booth is a sign of this enterprise, representing the image of the company. We can see any one branch of the big brand companies, 
both in terms of color or logo that is unified, which is the face of complete enterprise. So in the exhibition, the famous brand can use the standard color 
and characteristic of this enterprise logo as a unified elements.
4, Professional and scientific. Exhibition planning is a rigorous and scientific thinking activity with creative behavior features. It embodied in 
exhibition planning playing a role in this program: doing a detailed investigation and study on the market situation, consumer attitudes and social 
environment, competitors, and so on in front of the exhibition publicity, You should make a comprehensive analysis on collective information ,and find out the key problem and determine the exhibition, make exhibition plan and the concrete implementation plan; Finally, you should evaluate the exhibition effect, until achieve the decoration materials exhibition and marketing goals of the enterprise.
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